Freshlook Colorblend Contacts on Dark Skin- Grey, Green and Sterling Grey

I remember when I was 15, desperately wanting to get contact lenses. No matter how much I enjoyed school, I felt stifled by the lack of creativity the school uniforms allowed us. Thank God, the school handbook allowed one loophole; coloured contacts or should I say any contacts in general.

So, naturally like any responsible teenage girl, I scoured the internet to find out which coloured contacts suited dark skin.ALAS I.SEARCHED.IN.VAIN.

There were hardly any reviews for Freshlook coloured contacts on dark skin! This meant having to learn through good old fashioned trial and error. *Collective gasping by contact users everywhere*. Not that there is anything wrong with that. (The opticians refused to let me try and crazy colours like electric blue) Yet, because I have worn three different colours (Grey,Green and Sterling Grey) I’d like to believe myself *ahem, ahem* an expert on the subject. Naturally, I have decided for my very first blog post to be a review of Freshlook coloured contacts! Hope you enjoy and comment below with your coloured contact experiences or questions.

Freshlook Grey Colourblend Contacts

freshlook grey colored contacts on dark skinPros

  • The natural look”
    Because this is part of the “original/basic” colour series (as opposed to colours like the sterling grey) this colour blends perfectly with your eye colour. I have heard so many people believe my eyes were actually grey and complimenting me on what beautiful eyes I have!
  • Its daring”
    Pretty confused aren’t you, considering I just called it natural? Don’t be. Unlike the subtle brown and green colours which I have tried from the Freshlook colour range, the grey contacts grab the attention of the beloved audience around you. After all, what’s the point in wearing coloured contacts if you don’t make a statement!
  • “Woah, they are cheap”
    In comparison to some of the other colours in the range or even other brands, the Freshlook Coloured Contacts are a reasonable bargain. They will last you six months with good maintenance. As these are coloured contacts (as opposed to regular ones which can be maintained by rubbing and protein pills), I would think this is a pretty good deal
  • freshlook grey colored contacts on dark skin


  • “You look scary”.
    Funny enough this was what I felt when I first saw them on me. (Furthermore,my mother’s look of horror nearly made me want to cry). I know, I know right now your thinking “BUT YOU JUST PROMISED THEY WERE NATURAL”. Urggh, well sometimes it’s a bit of shock seeing a girl with pale grey eyes. “PALE? BUT YOU JUST SAID THEY WERE NATURAL.” Yes, well in some lights it looks a bit unflattering at first glance. But very few people have actually told me it looks scary, and that’s just at first look. The majority LOVE my grey contacts. Kid you not. SO ROCK THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freshlook Colourblends Green Coloured Contacts

  • freshlook green colored contacts on dark skin“The natural natural look”
    If grey colour blends are natural then Green Freshlook Colourblends are natural natural! In fact they are the most in demand coloured contact colour in Sri Lanka (especially among the dark skin divas). Green hues just blend so beautiful with other eyes colours, especially brown!
  • “It looks flattering anytime. ANYLIGHT”
    Like I said before, sometimes grey and light brown (the weird “twilight gold colour” people dig) can look unflattering in some pictures, depending on the light. But for dark skin ladies, the green coloured contacts looks good EVERYTIME. And on camera. OMG- “Its magic, its magic I got the vibe that you need” (Go watch Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya. Now!)
  • “Cheap”
    Same price as the grey freshlook colourblend contacts. Score!


  • freshlook green colored contacts on dark skin

Notice me. Please”

    I don’t want people to just notice my contacts. I demand they be loved, adored, envied etc. (Um, why? Because there the bomb!). But while the green is subtle cheery kinda way. However, just like Unverisity version of Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, it’s not really noticeable sometimes. It doesn’t really make people go “Wow your eyes are amazing/stunning, -insert adjective describing the beauty of my orbs-.” So If you’re looking to be Tina, (Yeah, you remember Rani Mukajee in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai who actually got Raj first *don’t kill me Kajol and Sharukh fans*) this may not be the colour for you. Still beautiful though!

Sterling Grey Freshlook Contacts

freshkon shimmering grey colored contacts on dark skinPros

    Im warning you, when I bought these contacts the opticians told me they would probably be best for fancy occasion. You want to know why? Because these contacts are just like Rosie Huntington the 3rd level HOT! They are just wow. Look for yourself in the picture! Even my headshot! What’s more, they look stunning every time- no unflattering light here.


freshkon grey colored contacts on dark skin

  • Classy is not cheap, my dear”
    Ladies, this one is a bit more expensive Im not going to lie. But hey, isn’t it worth it?
  • “Definitely ain’t your real eye colour”
    No one has actually said this to me, but I think it’s safe to say there is no way to mistake these for my real eye colour. It’s not that they look fake, it’s just they are so beautiful and no one is that blessed!!! (Unless you’re like, Lebanese or something) They are not part of the Freshlook colourblend series so they do not blend with your natural eye colour. In fact, I always have to wear an eyeliner of some sort with it, otherwise I feel as if the contact lenses do not quite match my face. Maybe not the best choice for a first time coloured contact user.
  • “Hurry up and arrive”
    I don’t know if this is just Sri Lanka but this takes a few weeks longer to deliver and I have to order IN ADVANCE so that the Sterling Grey Freshlook coloured contacts match my glasses prescription. This is because it is rare for people to buy this colour and so the stocks are much less compared to the colourblend series. HOEVER TRUST ME…. THE WAIT IS WORTH IT. FAVOURITE COLOUR SO FAR!

My overall verdict: These Freshlook Colour Contacts are a good investment. You colour your hair, so don’t let being dark skin prevent you from OWNING coloured contacts. Ciao

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  1. Ani says:

    Love your review!

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    1. Thank you x let me know if you want more


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