Wanna Wax ? The Honey Pot Salon treatment

What’s the honey pot?

This is a beauty salon and small clothing boutique located on Park Road at Havelock, Colombo 05. While this salon offers a range of good services such as bridal facials, cleanups, threading, it is most well-known for its waxing service range.


  • “I’ve walked into waxing wonderland”
    The honey pot is exceptionally clean. Throughout the past year, I have not once observed any discrepancies in the standard of cleanliness maintained by staff. New equipment (waxing strips etc.) are used each time. It must also be taken into account that in Sri Lanka where high maintenance salons are still a relatively new industry, the honey pot is one of the forerunners as a waxing place in terms of service and cleanliness. It makes the whole experience of waxing a whole lot more pleasant!
  • “Welcome miss supermodel”
    Admittedly, the clientele is mid-upper class. Nevertheless, the staff is good-natured and treats everyone who walks through the door (whether new or old clientele) in the same helpful manner. They are quite accommodating and any question or query can be asked from them. Furthermore, the retention of staff is fairly good so you can rest assured you’re not working with a newbie but someone who has a sense of what they are doing.
  • “Kya range hai, yaar”
    The range is absolutely fantastic notwithstanding whether it’s to Sri Lanka or international standards. Not only can you wax any worry wart parts of your body (arms, back, legs, stomach, chest, heck the whole body if you want to) but the waxes come in three different types – normal, hard and oil based ( Oh, how luscious the oil based wax makes your skin!) and in different scents such as aloe and strawberry. What more could you want from your waxing experience!”
  • “You are done”
    You have a hectic work schedule? Don’t like the whole messy process? Keep all your excuses aside because waxing at Honey Pot is efficient and extremely effective. You will not have to spend a whole lot of time to get that hairless skin you deserve. In fact, you will be marvelled when your hair disappears in few magic minutes.
  • “My own waxing island
    One thing which I have noticed in other waxing salons is that there is one or two waxing rooms in the salon and all us fine ladies are stuck together on the same boat unless your waxing “down under’. But at Honey Pot, each room is partitioned and you can have the opportunity to privately wax without feeling exposed( even if you’re just waxing your arms.) Furthermore, there are a lot of rooms so this is perfect for a group waxing spa day!
  • “I deserve the treatment”
    The treatments are not cheap. However, compared to other waxing places( and also thinking about the standard of service) this is affordable and quite reasonable. I suggest you check the prices below for yourself and decide.11998591_10205220834937528_1058937026_n
  • “We are ready, Miss/Ms/Mrs”
    No matter how many times I have gone, I have never booked an appointment. They are always ever ready to accommodate appointments and walk-ins alike so that is a value added a bonus. Moreover, it will only take a maximum of ten minutes before a walk in is given a wax technician to work with. Now that is convenient!


  • “Not all at once”I have a few friends who have complained that when more than one part of the body is being waxed (for example back and arm wax) then sometimes the wax technicians are  in a rush (and that will lead to a sub par performance) as they are more interested in getting the job done quicker than the actual waxing process. However, let me share my little secret… go to wax one part of your body… and afterwards, ask if you have time to wax another part. It’s not like they are going to say no!  (I personally promise that this tip works.)

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