A JLO Kinda Sexy

Have you ever watched Monster in Law?

One of the most striking images of that movie (aside for the cray-cray mother in law in the white bridal dress) is J.LO walking down the beach bare feet, in her gypsy skirt and pigtails. Somehow she manages to exude sophistication, simplicity and above all sexiness. The fact of the matter is,  although when we think of style we think of big statement jewellery and black suits, that it is not what sexiness really is. Sexiness comes from using the bare necessities and MAKING THEM WORK!


It comes from confidence, from knowing that our beauty exists from within.

Nowadays, I see so many celebrities who spend millions of dollars to get that cool hippy look. And that’s very glamorous… evidenced by Coachella. However, to be honest, how many of them actually look sexy with their Starbuck cups and big oversized hats. To me they look over eager to please. (And dressed up to be photographed!) I mean I thought the whole point of the look is to be laidback and casual. Didn’t really that meant spending a fortune. Or to be dripping in accessories!

So next time you wear that maxi dress forget about what shoes and matching earrings you need. All you really need is a genuine smile. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!I know that sounds really cheesy, however it is advice often forgotten in the mess of today and our busy lifestyle. I mean the bohemian causal look has come to mean fringe bags and designer sunglasses. But if you want that simple…


I was born this way kind of look… u need to let the dress do all the talking.


So let your hair down (literally) and strut away.
Thank you to my pretty tall model friend. You capture the mermaid look we all envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMG-20151009-WA0017

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