The predecessor to #drptheplus --- Projectwomenkind
The predecessor to #drptheplus — Projectwomenkind

Today’s blog may be the most important yet: body image. To be honest, while everyone has their insecurities about themselves this has not been one of mine. Even as I changed over the years I have always been proud about my body (A little vain I know). But recently I have come to understand there are so many girls out there who are body insecure. Im not talking about the normal self-depreciating remarks like “My arms are so fat!” “Why don’t I have a thigh gap?”

Plus_Size_02.jpgI mean those women who look at their bodies like they are run down cars; out of shape and worth only secondhand love.

I am addressing those of you out there who find solace in figuring out imaginary imperfections in the beauty of others (“She doesn’t have a butt!” “She must starve herself to be that thin” “Have her boobs shrunk?”) To make yourselves feel better. But I can’t blame these insecure women. The world has made them that way. Some women may even argue men have made us so conscious of our bodies. While this argument has some merit, I don’t think this is the real problem.

3e377a9ea7ab806f30889dfdb499bb4e.jpgThe true catalyst is the fashion industry. All we see are impossibly thin women with killer butts and silicone boobs. Some might say: What about the Nikki Minaj’s and Kim Kardashians in the world? Doesn’t it show progress that now women of shape are being displayed. I think this is a laughable concept.

All that women like Nikki Minaj display is just another extreme. Now instead of being pencil thin… We are supposed to be pencil thin with a whole lotta curves. OF course if you naturally have a Kim K body then well good for you. Im sure you look beautiful. But the point being is that the women in modelling industry do not represent all the women today. Too often than not, women want to “fit” into some model body department: either curvy or skinny.

ashleyg01jpg.jpgThat’s why there needs to be a change in the fashion industry. It’s a change which has already begun. One movement which has really caught my eye and I hope the rest of the world gives its support to is #droptheplus campaign. This campaign started by an Australia size eight model (who is drop dead gorgeous) is a social media campaign to help not just introduce more plus size models but to obliterate the concept of “plus size models” altogether.


She suggests that the label of “plus size” connotes that a women is bigger than the “normal size”. I agree with this idea! It’s actually quite ludicrous as the average women is size 10-12, so why should they be called plus sized? Indeed, Im sure my skinny sisters out there would be offended if we say they are in the “minus model” category. I mean, doesn’t it sound ridiculous?

Stupid labels made to think we need to change ourselves. Even stupider, we actually fall for it time and time and again.

The solution? We need to see a different of women wearing a different variety of clothing. This can only be done with different sized models of course.

Just think about it.  If you saw models YOUR EXACT SIZE, wearing gorgeous clothes and killing it… wouldn’t you feel less insecure about yourself? Instead of wishing to fit your body into “fashionable clothes” wouldn’t it be better to have awesome brands available to cater to you?

Exactly. So next time you look in the mirror… really think

stream_img. Do you think your imperfect or are you letting stupid societal influences dictate how you look at yourself? Instead of us changing, we need to push for the barbaric multimillion fashion industry to change! Because in my opinion, different sizes are lovely. We have to learn to celebrate all sizes instead of glorifying one or two specific body types. After all how boring if we were all the exactly the same shape?

Ewwh. I think not.

So look for those new brands, begin to think innovatively of ways to style your body… and most importantly…
Support #droptheplus. Support the revolution! Your body will thank you one day

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