Stylenomics Lesson A- THE LBD (Little Black Dress)

One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” β€”Karl Lagerfeld

Welcome to Lesson A of Stylenomics.If you can’t guess this means style + economics. You must be wondering.. what is the correlation between style and economics? Well back in grade 10 (major throwback here) one of the first lessons I ever learned was about scarcity. For all you noneconomic students out there, scarcity basically means that we have limited resources (money and time) to meet our unlimited wants (food, water, leisure time etc). What my Stylenomics lessons aim to do is offer a little advice as to how to use those limited resources (mainly budget) in order to build a great wardrobe which reflects your style)


At this point of time you must be wondering.. why would I even waste my time writing such an article? Why should we care how we look so much? Ladies, it’s time you care. A lot of women understand trends. We understand how to look sexy, or laid back. Yet at the end of the day, if we look at our wardrobe it is likely to be all frills and no substance. In other words, your wardrobe is filled with useless clutter and lacks the bare essentials you need to look put-together, professional and classy. It’s a mistake we all make. We look at clothing choices as spontaneous gambles which might stand out at a dinner party rather than long-term investments. Have you ever wondered why people spend ridiculous amounts of money on a designer handbag like Chanel or wristwatch?It’s because they are investing, honey! They are making long-term investments in their look so that they standout among the rest of the crowd.

Take Sri Lanka for example. Almost everyone and their neighbor are buying their clothes from Kelly Felder and Odel these days. We all look the same! That’s just sad. What’s even sadder.. we are spending all this unnecessary money on outfits we don’t even want to own after wearing them one or two times. Maybe your parents are made out of money, but when you live independently on your own paycheck and you find it difficult to upgrade your wardrobe… then you are going to be wishing you shopped more wisely!


So it’s time we learn what are the bare essentials our wardrobe needs…But can this be done without breaking the bank? Of course! It’s essential we learn the art of investing in clothes.As women, whether we accept it or not, it is how we make our first impression.Trying to make a first impression is hard. First impressions, whether in personal or professional settings are extremely important and as a very visual society, we do tend to judge people by their attire.You could be INCREDIBLY talented with a GREAT personality. But more often than not you are not going to get your foot through the door to demonstrate these wonderful characteristics until you look the part. Luckily, as you guessed by the title one outfit which has been versatile enough on a number of occasions has been …the little black dress.



This is an absolute staple for any woman’s closet. The LBD is quite simply a black evening or cocktail dress which is about knee-length and was made famous by fashion designers such as Coco Chanel. The reason that this dress is so popular is not only is black a neutral colour which can be pulled off by any skin tone but it also is a colour of sophistication and class. Indeed, Coco Chanel originally wanted it to be a dress which was accessible to all classes and women of taste. Remember, this was during a time when social and racial divides were much more prominent and accepted in society than it is today.




A few months ago when I went to interview the AOD students I was really stuck as what to wear. However, I luckily had my LBD with me which I had previously worn to an award ceremony. Now some of you might be thinking… I don’t need a little black dress. I don’t have any events. Trust me. One day you are going to have a fashion emergency and wish you had the little black dress on standby. Just think of it as a long-term investment choice. If you pick the perfect LBD for you, then you should be able to keep it for at least a couple of years minimum. As an amateur economist, I just feel this is the smart choice to make. It makes much more sense to invest in clothes which are going to last, rather than spending a fortune on something which is trendy for a season.




So how do you choose an LBD?

1) Make sure that you choose an LBD with as little design as possible. If you want to glam it up, that is what accessories are for!Β  it is so easy to accessorize! Here I paired it with a little black jacket which was only 5 pounds/ 1000 rupees πŸ™‚ Don’t worry about your little black dress is too basic. Less is always more especially with an LBD.

2)What you want to make sure is that your little black dress is flattering for your figure. It shouldn’t be too short. (I wished mine was a little longer, to be honest.) It should most ideally be knee length. That makes it appropriate for a number of occasions.Also, the material should have that “rich” look. So quite obviously cotton LBD’s are a no-no. It’s meant to be polished not casual!

3) For all you dark skinned ladies out there like me, I’m sure you have been told by your mother and numerous aunties not to wear black in the daytime. I have been following that horrible advice throughout my high school career despite loving the all-black look. But as you can clearly see from the pictures, dark skinned girls look just as good in black during the daytime. It doesn’t make us look “too dark” (I don’t see how looking dark can be a bad thing in the first place. I mean look at Kerry Washington!)

4) Killer Heels. Some might disagree with me. But if you are going to wear an LBD you might as well wear it correctly. Heels and LBD’s are just meant to be.





I would like to send a huge shout out to Anuththara Rajapakse for taking the photographs and Madushi Rajapaksha for the amazing makeup πŸ™‚ Also if anyone is interested in more articles like this, then please let me know! I always want to write something which is interesting for other people… not just for the sake of writing something. So I tried something a little different. Let me know what you think.

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