#BELLEBOSS Series : Rochelle Wick


This is the start of my #BelleBoss series 🙂 What is a #BelleBoss? It is a platform curated by me for women leading deliberate lives.  

I hope that with this series I would find a way to appreciate the incredible young women of Sri Lanka our generation who are breaking boundaries and paving new paths for themselves. Moreover, I would like other people to take a little bit of their time to realize how incredible the women around you are. Especially if you are a woman, I hope that at least one woman’s story in my #GirlBoss series will inspire you to follow your dreams, your vision and most importantly your heart. Even if that means breaking a few rules and many societal prejudices along the way 🙂

The first #Girlboss of the series is Rochelle Wick. She is a premier Sri Lankan beauty blogger and You Tuber. She hit massive 100k subscribers on her Instagram (which is unprecedented for any Sri Lankan you tuber!) and she was recently featured in Teen Vogue among globally renowned beauty YouTubers such as Jacyln and Glam and Gore. This lovely blogger is passionate, driven and creative. If you want to know about her story or her tips and tricks for makeup… THEN JUST KEEP READING 🙂



            Instagram/Youtube/Facebook – @RochelleWick

  1. How did you get into makeup/ Where does your passion for makeup come from?

I started blogging exactly one year. I always used to post my makeup of the day and all that. People were always asking me “What mascara do you use?” and “What eyeshadow shade is that?” I decided that maybe I should post the details of my makeup. That is how I started blogging. As for makeup… I have always loved makeup!  I remember when I was small I would watch my mum put on liquid foundation and think to myself “Omg, what is this?” So I have kind of always been around makeup. I would always wear at least a little bit.

2. What was the reaction of your friends and family when you started YouTube and your beauty blog?

The first YouTube I did was in 2014 and it was of me cutting my own bangs and I didn’t tell anyone because I was so embarrassed. Last year, I was like okay, I will share it with everyone. I don’t think that it was a big surprise to anyone because I loved makeup so much. At first, nobody knew about this. That video is still there though…it’s actually my most viewed video.

3. Who are your favourite beauty YouTubers to watch?

I love Patrick Starr. I love him. I’m obsessed with him. I watch Still Glamorous and Carli Bybel. I like to watch a lot of smaller you tubers.I also watch “ It’s Judy Time; I love her reviews. When I a buy makeup though I do watch a couple of reviews before I buy anything. But I am definitely someone who is not influenced by other YouTubers as to what I should get. I decide to buy something based on what I like, but I definitely check reviews prior to making a purchase.


4. Are there any celebrities who inspire you with their makeup looks?

Kylie Jenner. I am obsessed with everything she does. I used to like Kim’s makeup as well. But now her looks seem quite the same. Adrienne Bailon is like the best at makeup though Adrienne makeup is on a whole other level.I haven’t found anything like it before. She is just like perfect! Her makeup is so flawless. Even JLo. I pretty much love the dewy, glowy kind of look. That is my style.



You have had some pretty out of the box. One of you most famous is your Chilli facial mask. How did you come up with the idea?

How I started doing that kind of videos? For the longest time I was doing eye makeup looks and that wasn’t getting me, anyone. Then one day  I just decided using cocoa powder as a  bronzer.  It was something I had not seen before.The video went viral and I thought “Woah, this is something”. So I decided to do something which was different.  So I always try to do out of the box things. If you want to get somewhere you have to do something different.I want to be known for doing something different.



 5.What would you consider your holy grail makeup products?

The number one thing is the Anastasia dip brow in ebony.I need this. I love Dolce K by Kylie. I love it. I love the colour of it. But the formula has definitely changed over time. it’s not perfect but it is the perfect colour for our skin. I love the La Girl pro concealer in Chesnut and the Aura Powder Blush (Cor de Rosa ) by Sigma. Of course my Anastasia glow kit. It is worth the hype. The consistency, texture EVERYTHING is amazing. Lately, I’ve been loving Japonesque products, especially their brushes which are the best brushes I have ever used.


What is your favourite makeup brand of all time?

For a high-end brand, I would pick Anastasia. For a drugstore brand, I might pick Maybelline (But   they do test on animals.)

  1. So you are a blogger and you are a law student. How do you balance the two together, along with your channel?

The only reason I can balance the two is that I love what I do. I love my blog. I know I have to be consistent with it otherwise it will get me nowhere.That kind of keeps it going. It gets kind of hectic but I somehow make it work.


  1. What was the biggest difficulties or problems you faced when you started your YouTube channel?

I guess it was trying to figure out lighting, filming, and editing. I think the biggest problem was it is very difficult to find what you need here. It was very difficult to find the lights I needed. People don’t even understand, so you have to figure it out by myself. I am still trying to figure it out. I am always trying to find new equipment.


  1. Was it difficult to start a YouTube channel in like our Sri Lankan community? How is the Sri Lankan online beauty community?

There are some bloggers. But there is so much potential and a lot of space to create new opportunities.  But I would advise trying to do something different. Think outside the box and be YOU.


  1. For readers who just are getting into makeup do you have any starter tips for them? Any starter brands you would recommend to them?

You should first have a proper skin care. It is so important before you get into makeup, to make sure your skin is good.  So if you have acne, sort that out before you start anything. A lot of people here have the problem of acne and pigmentation. Once you have that sorted out start with the foundation. Usually, for Sri Lankan skin you have to mix foundation. It is hard to find one colour which works. But a good foundation is essential. For people who find that their makeup melts, this may sound a little weird but… stay away from powder product. This will make your skin look cakey and weird. Try to go for cream based products. An essential is a good primer Such as the benefit pore professional. Also, set your T-zone with a sheer or translucent powder. If it’s possible to get your hands on a setting spray that would be amazing!

 What was the hardest makeup technique you had to learn and why?

Cut crease. It is really difficult because you have to make sure that both eyes are even and it’s quite difficult to get it symmetrically.

What is your go to makeup look?

A little blush, bronzer, and  nude lip.  And maybe a tiny bit of highlighter.



  1. Some boys think that makeup is quite superficial and girls who wear makeup up are kind of lying to them about their faces. What would your response be to them?


The best response is no response! If you want to wear makeup then wear makeup. Who cares about what everyone else has to say?!  You are not doing anyone harm and you should do what makes you happy.

  1. For people who want to start beauty blogging in Sri Lanka or to start a YouTube makeup channel what would be your advice to them?

Start right now, be consistent and know what you are doing! There is no point in uploading a picture of your dog, then your food because people are going to be confused. So if you are doing makeup then stick to that because that is what people want to see if they are going to follow you. Be consistent. And also experiment with different things in your makeup.


14. For people who can’t get makeup online what would you recommend

You can get foundation from places like  Beautydrome, Uptown. Even from Fancy Point. You could find basic stuff for sure even though you can’t find amazing stuff. Visakamahls in Nuegegoda and Srina Palace.


What is your opinion about salons?

  1. Not a big fan, personally. I think everyone should learn to do their own makeup. However, I do believe that if you are an absolute beginner to things like hair colour, it’s best to get a professional to do it for you.thebritlankanburberry506


17.What is your opinion about skin care?


To be honest all I really use is a face wash and the products which I try for my blog. Remember to use the face products which you really need and try to figure out the things which you have to use. Using all these extra products is not going to do anything for your skin. Also, it is super important that you have a healthy diet, eat your vegetables and drink water. Also, drink green tea. That will change your skin forever.


  1. How was becoming a successful YouTube and the blogger changed you as a person?


I have definitely become more confident as a person. Before I used to think of what I’m doing? Are people watching me and is it worth it? Now I don’t think that. New opportunities are coming every single day and I am so grateful for everything and I can’t wait to see what is next.



That concludes part one of #TheGirlBoss series. For more lovely ladies just stay tuned!






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