#BelleBoss: CookiesandYoux

This is the second instalment of my #GirlBoss series 🙂 What is a #GirlBoss? It is a platform curated by Sophia Amoruso for women leading deliberate lives. If you don’t know who she is… umm look it up! …Don’t worry if your too lazy to look it up I’ll tell you. Amoruso founded Nasty Gal, a women’s fashion retailer, which went on to be named one of “the fastest growing companies” by Inc.Magazine in 2012. In 2016, she was named one of the richest self-made women in the world. All in all , she is one amazing woman.  

So who is the second lady in my #Girlboss series? Rukaiya Reeza, the founder of the incredible baking service on Instagram “CookiesandYoux”. I discovered her in 2015 when I wanted to buy a personalized birthday cake. And with just one cake, I fell in love with her baking and her gorgeous cakes. I knew that I had to interview her for my #GirlBoss series. So without further ado…. 

1)  How long has CookiesandYou existed? 

“For around 2 years.”


2)  How did you come up with the name cookiesandYou?

I actually don’t know, I remember trying out different names with the word “cookies” in it, and this kinda just came out and everyone seemed to like it and I did too, so we went along with CookiesAndYou.

girlboss interview sri lanka baker

3) How did you learn how to bake?

” I always wanted to bake as a kid. But I’d like to say YouTube tutorials plays a role in teaching me when it comes to techniques, tips, and baking tricks. However, my recipes are all my original.”

4) What is the most difficult thing about owning a baking business?

I think sharing a kitchen with my mom!

girlboss interview sri lanka baker

5)  What inspired you to make a business out of your talent?

“Definitely Instagram. I really like photography and pretty Instagram feeds and baking, and thought it would be fun & creative to do both.”

6) What has been your most favorite cakes/cookies to bake up to date?

For sure our signature chocolate chip cookies and mostly the customized cakes you guys come up with!

girlboss interview sri lanka baker

7) What has been the most difficult cake to make upto date?

“Um, I don’t recall having to bake a difficult cake but this one time I had to rush through baking this really huge and pretty candy cake right after getting back from Nuwara Eliya after a family trip. Oh, that was a challenge!”

8) How do you balance your baking business with your studies?

“Quite well surprisingly. I remember taking a month off during my final exams but during lectures, it was a fun challenge.”


9) Are you a baker who enjoys following recipes or do you like to experiment?

Definitely the latter! Most of my recipes are the results of experiments but sometimes I do follow a recipe when it comes to things where the proportions are quite crucial.

10) Tell us about an important lesson you have learnedimg793 girlboss interview sri lanka baker

I think an important lesson would be, the importance of being productive and doing what you love!But it has taught me time management for sure. Now that I attend a class daily, it has taught me to manage my time accordingly and more than anything I enjoy starting my day early. So all this gives me a chance to bring out a more positive energy.

girlboss interview sri lanka baker

Especially when it comes to loving what you do. I couldn’t imagine doing something that didn’t make me happy.

11) Do you have any inspiring message to other young girls out there who want to be young entrepreneurs?


Find what you love, and go for it! Surround yourself with positivity & believe in yourself.

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