Selena Quintanilla Inspired Tribute Looks

“I could lose my heart tonight
If you don’t turn and walk away
‘Cause the way I feel I might
Lose control and let you stay”

Selena Quintanilla- I could fall in Love 



Who is the ultimate female popstar idol? Chances are the first person who came into your mind was Beyonce or Rihanna. Naturally, these two names have become synonymous with the idea of “perfection” and “goddess” in people’s minds. 

However, for me, there is only one legend – Selena Quintanilla.



 As a little girl, one of my earliest memories in life is watching the film Selena and falling in love the character. She was beautiful, strong,  loving, creative and kind.

She knew what it felt like to be torn between two cultures. I remember crying at the end of the movie because I didn’t understand why she had to die… it was only years later did I come to realise that Selena was a real woman and that the movie was her real story! Props to J Lo for that lovely portrayal of Selena.


  Unfortunately, most people love to remember her on her death anniversary and brood on how short her life was.  

 But many rarely acknowledge that despite only being 23years old … she is one woman who had an incredible life and touched so many hearts! People around the world still look up to her as an idol and her classic fashion sense is still echoed in many celebrities looks today.

I thought it would be a fabulous idea to share some of these looks and to share a few facts on Selena so people can see what an incredible woman she was.

 So while I show you some Selena outfit remakes let me tell you some more about Selena’s life. 


  1) No Entiendo Español

One of the most incredible parts of Selena’s life was the way she embraced her Mexican heritage. She went through many financial hardships and her own Mexican people were not always welcoming to her singing group, partly due to her American roots. As a person who has lived in an another country for the last ten years, I know how hard it is to try to fit and conquer another language, culture or even place.


Despite living in Texas, she worked hard to learn Spanish and sing in Spanish with confidence. She is known as one of the biggest Mexican singers of all time… and Spanish was her second language!

2) It’s a man’s world  


Another thing which makes Selena a total boss is that she started her career in Tejano Music… which was a male-dominated field at the time! Many people do not realise the kind of backlash that Selena initially faced, for singing Tejano music, before she became a popular Tejano singer.


The way Selena Q, dominated Tejano field is such an inspiration and relatable to women today, for example, a woman starting in tech or engineering.


Even better, not only did Selena become a successful Tejano singer, she went on to successfully cross over into the English genre, which is what she had been dreaming of doing since a young age. *Cue Happy Tears*

3) The Romantic Selena


This point may be controversial to some but I have to point out what a romantic Selena was. Selena eloped with her husband Chris Perez against the wishes of her family. To be young and in love is scary as hell but Selena was fearless and bold in her pursuit of happiness with Chris (awh!) Let’s not forget the scene in Selena (which Selena’s sister confirms actually happened) where Chris and Selena spent their afternoons cruising on the highway in Selena’s beautiful Red Porsche. Literal Goals.


 Honestly, one of the reasons that Selena songs are so iconic is because she made sure that the lyrics reflected emotions that she had actually felt.


Indeed, the song ‘Dreaming of you’ was not a favourite of her father or brother, but Selena insisted the song was special. Clearly, she kept that romantic hope alive in her music and this is what makes her songs such a treasure to listen to even today.


4) Style cannot be taught- it’s an art

Selena is known as a woman with an unapparelled sense of style.

She was not just a trendsetter she was a trend blazer who had an innate sense of style few women can compete with.

What makes her unique is that she actually was a closet fashion designer who came up with many of her iconic dress pieces on her own. Today we see Ariana Grande wearing oversized sweatshirts, Beyoncé wearing sequinned one suit pieces and Katy Perry wearing bejewelled bralettes… these were all classic outfits worn by Selena many moons ago


. The best part of Selena’s outgoing outfits was it reflected her personality and vibrancy of life. She didn’t try to sell a particular brand image such as ‘young role model for girls’ but instead she wore what she loved and looked fabulous in it.


5) The two golden H words- Hardworking and Humble

Can you imagine a singer sewing on jewellery to her costume right before she went on stage? SELENA DID.  Selena was a creative person and she pursued her interest with whole heart and passion.


Although she struggled to maintain school dropping out in 8th grade she still obtained her GLD and even got accepted to College to study business administration! She was a busy bee with a braveheart soul and one thing her sister always mentions in memorial interviews was that Selena was always humble even after working so hard to get to where she was in life.

Indeed, Selena is well known for how humble she was and I feel that is such a rare quality for any successful person to have- regardless of whether they are a “star” or not.



Selena will always be the ultimate Latin Queen. Like a shooting star, she rose up with a fiery blaze but left such a beautiful blush to the dreamy sky. I hope all of you love this little tribute I have made to her.


Selena is my personal idol and whenever I think of the kind of woman I want to be… I look to her. I know I have many flaws. But whenever I think of Selena it never fails to inspire me to try and be a better version of myself. Soft and Fierce. Graceful and Fearless. 

She makes me believe that all those unfulfilled dreams locked away inside of me are only a whisper away.   



“Cause I’m dreaming of you tonight 
‘Til tomorrow, I’ll be holding you tight 
And there’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be 
Than here in my room dreaming about you and me       



Thank you, Kassie, for being a wonderful model.


  You were the perfect Selena. 


And just for extra props… let me show you the original looks these Selena inspired outfits were based on 



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