My 21st Birthday ; Lion King Review and Philosophy for Life

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2018-02-08 16.04.45
Bella Italia- In Little Italy πŸ™‚

It was my 21st birthday last week. This was my first birthday away from home (which for me will always be Sri Lanka) and it was also my first birthday away from my friends and of course my first birthday in England. So I thought I would write about what about I did on my birthday and a little about my life philosophy.

I’m a person who believes that during your birthday time you need two things- have fun and give a little something back. This year, I saved money to send back to a Sri Lankan orphanage ❀ for the fun part, I wanted to fulfil my lifelong dream of watching Lion King theatre performance in London and see a few touristy London sites

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SPOILER ALERT: Lion King was completely worth it!

It has been running for eighteen years and they manage to keep it very true to the script but I was surprised to see a surprising modern twist to it. For instance, Zazu sang a certain Frozen song instead of “I have got a lovely bunch of coconuts”. We sat in the Royal Circle, rightΒ -wingΒ but not too far right. In my humble opinion, this was a perfect vantage point and at half the price of what people sitting a couple of seats to the centre of us were paying.

I know a lot of people prefer the scene when Mufasa dies because it is so emotional.

But for me, the best scene was “He Lives in You” .

It is such a turning point in the whole story and so emotional when Mufasa appears on stage to talk to Simba as a huge talking head piece.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take pictures and they are very vigilant about this (I tried and was caught) But here is a picture of the merchandise for you.

The actors, the staging and the props were phenomenal. Even though the actors have to do this performance every night, you could see the love the actors had for their craft and for each other during the curtain call. You become instantly attached to all the characters my favourite being SCAR (Haha) and grown-up Simba (hot Simba more like it :P) I even waved towards little Simba when he strolled off stage during Hakuna Matata because I felt so sad little Simba was gone.

Speaking of Hakuna Matata, I know that 90 percent of people take HAKUNA MATATA as the biggest lesson that can be learnt from Lion King.


2018-02-08 14.53.25

Look at me trying to be Hakuna Matata about the fact it is freezing cold!Β 



But many people forget that Hakuna Matata was a concept Simba used in order to escape his destiny… to take his place on the LION Throne (Lol I was about to say IRON Throne– too much Game of Thrones anyone! )

Now I’m not going to go into the concept of destiny and whether it exists or not.

But there is one thing that I am certain of, the thought of a higher being. For Simba and Mufasa, it was the thought of the Great Kings looking down upon them and guiding them. For other’s, it is God or the power of the Universe helping and guiding them.Β 


While we are so sure that there is a higher power when we are younger (perhaps because of our parent’s or perhaps because of our own childish imagination) this becomes a much harder concept when we become older. At some point in time, we begin to feel disconnected and alone.

“I’m trying to get through to God or the Universe but I think the line is disconnected!”

2018-02-08 15.35.48

Ronda Byrnes in the Law of Attraction says that we are like transmitters- that when you have the right attitude, you send waves of positivity into the cosmos like a radio transmitter, activating what she calls β€œThe Law of Attraction,” effectively obligating the universe to bestow happiness, love and wealth upon you.

What do I think? To be honest, I think most of us are not bothered to fine tune the radio.

Some people are lucky enough to have a brand new radio and everything from money, fame, power, family, love just seems to come naturally to them. (I don’t know why but North West just popped into my mind when I wrote that) The majority of us need to fine tune that radio before we can find a proper signal. That doesn’t mean you become self-actualised all at once and then suddenly have a direct line to the universe or to GOD ! You have to continue to grow, take time to rejuvenate and give back to the world. That’s when the universe starts giving back to you.

“Thanks universe for having my back! Almost hung up on you!”

2018-02-08 15.36.02

I will admit though that the Law of Attraction is not some revolutionary concept which clears everything in my mind

Look at all the bad things which happen in the world. Children dying of cancer, pointless wars which greedy people profit off from, those born with mentally crippling defects from birth. What kind of sick law of attraction can explain all of that? It can’t. Not in my book.

Bad things happen to good people even when they are grateful to God for the life that they have. It has nothing to do with the law of attraction.Β 

Looks like I missed the bus on the secret to life!Anyone know the answer to my problems?

Some find solace in the concept of heaven. Of course, as a Buddhist, I try to find answers to the concepts of Karma and Rebirth. But I’m still looking for answers.

Β So what makes me still have faith in the concept of the law of attraction?

Many things. But when I’m really in doubt, I think about these people in our lives who are like sunlight, radiating warmth, happiness and love. Those people who dream big dreams and we see their dreams come to fruition before our eyes. We see others around them gravitate towards them, even help them reach their goals. Sometimes they are people we know, sometimes they are celebrities (ahem ahem Jeannie Mai!)

2018-02-08 18.55.07

Why? Is it luck? Is that how they are so blessed?

Not at all. They simply emit goodness into the world and like fireflies we radiate towards their light because they remind us of good and the good we hope resides in ourselves. They emit good into the universe and the universe rewards them back through people.

When I remember these people, I can’t help believe in the law of attraction. So even if you don’t want to believe in a higher Universe or God, at the very least have faith in the people who light up your life. Then I guarantee you-you will see a little part of the Universe/God in their eyes.

I’m not saying that you should derive your happiness from people. Happiness is a separate concept which only you can answer. But when it comes to faith, yes I do believe people are needed to sustain that faith. Especially having faith in yourself… you are a person too!

2018-02-08 16.03.31

Live Authentically, Love Authentically. Be present for the people around you, and trust me the universe will find some undoubtedly fucked up but magical way of rewarding you back. That’s a promise.Β 

In fact as a little birthday command- Please, reach out to someone you love and tell them why you think they are unique and show a unique part of the Universe in your eyes. Spread that love πŸ™‚

For all those who are glad my little philosophical rant is over, don’t worry plenty of Belleboss Interviews coming your way starting from next week πŸ™‚ Until then …




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