Girly Summertime Lookbook & Vulnerable Hearts 2018

What am I to you?

Tell me darlin’ true
To me you are the sea
Vast as you can be
And deep the shade of blue

– Norah Jones

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It’s a brilliant question to ask someone . Better than “do you love me” ? Any person can love you for the wrong reasons. We would save ourselves so much confusion if we asked the right questions.

That reminds me of a girl who used to ask all the wrong questions. When she was younger she met a boy. She hoped she would be able to win this boy over with her sweetness, her strength and her fire. So the girl wore her pain like a cape and became…

Unattainable. Maddening. Kind but distant.

 They spent a trip around the sun together. But, she still believed if he truly loved her, he would have to be forced to embrace her dark sides, her moods and her silence. So, she often gave him moody silences & half answers in an attemp to push him away. The boy didn’t move.He listened to all the phases of her moon. In her spirit, she was reassured. Yet, her ego was ruled by her past pain and was growing quite alarmed with each passing day. The voice kept telling her ” push him away.

IMG_0391 as

So, one day as they walked through the woods, she decided to lay down her trap . They settled near a bed of grass, sat down and watched the clouds. As he began to reminise about the past she interrupted him  with the question. “Could you love my darkest flaws ?


When I am weak and vulnerable and  all you can see is my pain and my flaws… will you love me then?

He looked straight into her eyes and said: “No, I’m sorry that’s impossible.”

She couldn’t help feel devasted by this blunt reply, even though it was the one she desired. “Why?” she pleaded.

He started to pick at blades of grass, careful not to avert his eyes from her.

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“Because,” he said softly. “It is impossible to be vulnerable and weak at the same time. Vulnerable people are strong, they let people see the humanity and softness within them which the world keeps trying to steal away from them.

People who think vulnerability and weaknesses are the same, only confuse the two. They are the type of people who build walls, and “empires” and “kingdoms” where they can live like “queens and kings”. They build their walls up so high because they are afraid of just living in their own skin among the earth.

Her brain slowly processed his words. Her whole life, this little girl always thought vulnerability had to mean showing her darkest flaws. In her mind, it had meant being  weak, and offering her glass  heart with two bloody hands. That love would miraculously create en rose glasses where even the darkness looked appealing.

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He laughed. “The point is, even if you were not made of stardust, magic and mystery, even you hadn’t smiled through fires in your life…. even if you were just an ordinary girl in a faded dress…I would still walk through the woods with you. Because you and I, make each other want to breathe without trying to be each other’s oxygen. “

She couldn’t help by smile. Is that what she was for him?

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“As for loving these “flaws”, you keep talking about. I can’t love  flaws if i cannot see them. Pain is just a part of who you are.” He interjected, interrupting her thoughts. “It doesn’t make me either you or I interesting or stronger. It’s just pain. It’s just the cost of happiness. It is simply a part of you. Not a defect.

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I don’t love you because you’re strong or your scars and fire match mine. Because they do, you know. That was what drew me to you.

But I love you now because if this is as goods as it gets, you and me walking through the woods, feeling the sunset colours fade into the stars, I would know we own the world.”

-Until Next Time-

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Authors Note: This photo shoot was not based on anything except “natural” but midway through with the faded colours, tall grass and babydoll dresses… it was just like Selena Gomez recent video. One thing I love about Selena is her vulnerability of heart. It is so rare to show softness the way she does. Most girls love to show how “strong, independent and unstoppable”. Bulletproof.

Screw bulletproof. Be soft in your heart. It doesn’t matter if the relationship ended on bad terms or not, a vulnerability of heart ensures you will own the world. Not just a tiny kingdom you built in your head.


This Lookbook is all about flirty, girliness and fun. .


“if stripped me, of my hopes, dreams, my bravado and my quick wit…

What am I to you?”

( Excerpt from a book you will probably never read. )

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