Belleboss Series : Tamara Shanthikumar


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I hoped that with this series, I would find a way to appreciate the incredible South Asian women of our generation, who are breaking boundaries and paving new paths for themselves. Moreover, I would like you to take a little bit of your time to realize how incredible the women around you are.

Especially if you are a woman! I know that at least one woman’s story in my #BelleBoss series will inspire you to follow your dreams, your vision and most importantly your heart. Even if that means breaking a few rules and many societal prejudices along the way.

Could you give us a little introduction to yourself?


My name is Tamara Shanthikumar, I am 26 years old, I was born in Melbourne, Australia. As a young child, I lived and grew up in a few different places due to my dads work, including Melbourne, Sri Lanka and Broome Western Australia. My parents migrated to Melbourne and I went to kindergarten and school there. When my dad’s job took our family to Sri Lanka we lived there for two years. Following that, we moved back to Melbourne then to the northern part of Western Australia to a town in the Kimberley called Broome.

I spent a good part of my childhood there before moving down to Perth Western Australia for the end of my secondary education. As a young child, I was very very shy and not confident at all!


I remember getting bullied for the colour of my skin when I was much younger which made me hide more into my shell.

I had a great childhood, my parents worked very hard to give my brother and I a comfortable life, they came to the country with only $200 in hand and worked very hard to get to where they are now.

I was very blessed to receive a great education at many different private schools growing up. Currently, I work in a part-time position at my dad’s company In a Human Resources and events based role, and I also run my part-time online business which I aspire to make full time very soon!

Who or what inspires you as a person?

I can’t really name one person that inspires me in general, that would be too hard to choose! However, I really aspire individuals who live in a heart-centred space. I truly admire individuals that have the drive to make this world better, who recognise their purpose in life, who constantly move forward without letting their limiting beliefs bring them down,

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I am so inspired by individuals that dream big and know that anything is possible! Who loves everyone despite how people treat them and lead their lives without ego and all heart

Could you tell us more about your business online: Girl Boss Project?

The girl boss project started off as just a hobby Instagram to share my love for personal development. I am so passionate about bettering myself every single day and empowering others to do the same! I really just wanted to use it as an avenue to empower other women and help them think differently past their limiting beliefs. anything in life is possible, we as humans are just confined by our beliefs!


when I started my online business i moulded the two together and came up with the brand ‘Limitless Girls’, a group of millennials working towards creating a future with no limits in every aspect of their life, who dream big, who know anything is possible and who lead with love and heart in their businesses!

We aligned with an amazing company that allowed us to inspire health and wellness around the world, as well as inspiring others to dream big, and truly work towards creating a life of their desires, all from our mobile phones! To truly make a positive impact on the health and wealth of others.

Could you tell us more about your hobbies?

My hobbies definitely include dancing!! I have been dancing since I was younger, however not very consistently. When I was studying for my masters I took a huge break from dancing, and I only got back into it around 2015.


It was very scary to get back into and I had so many reservations and limiting beliefs, but I pushed myself because I knew it was something that I loved! right now I dance a few times a week, mainly in the styles of dancehall and a bit of hip-hop here and there! I love creating and making choreography videos with other dancers! My other hobbies include travelling, I love to travel and experience new cultures, tastes, sights, sounds! I love seeing how other people live in different areas of the world, and it always makes me appreciate where I live and my life!

I travelled almost every month last year which was like a dream for me! I also love personal development, I invest a lot of time and money into bettering myself and learning and growing every single day! I love reading listening to podcasts and attending workshops and seminars that I know will help me become a better version of myself!

Where have you travelled to and which place do you love the most?


Ahhh I should really write a list of all the places I’ve travelled to! I’ve travelled to Japan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, America, the UK, Italy, the Greek Islands, Bali, France, Hawaii, Egypt, Fiji and a few more I can’t recall right now! haha! Which country I love the most? That’s such a tough one as every country is beautiful and unique in its own way! however, I love the Greek islands! and I always love going to Sri Lanka! Fiji also has a special place in my heart, the poorest of people there are filled with so much love and gratitude there which I think is so special

Interracial dating can sometimes be a taboo topic in our community. What would be your thoughts regarding interracial dating based on your personal experience?


I’ve never had any issues in terms of dating another person of a different race, I am blessed to have parents that have been very open and understanding. I know sometimes its very hard for some parents to see their children being brought up in a foreign country and to see them in a relationship with a partner of a different culture or race. I do see both sides of the situation, however growing up in Australia in such a multicultural environment, it’s very hard to just limit yourself to dating one type of race! haha! under our skin and culture and appearances, we are all humans and souls on this journey in life, and my personal opinion is that if you find someone you truly click with and love, and its important for you that they learn about your culture and your traditions etc, and they are WILLING to do that and compromise and learn- then I don’t think race would be a problem.
I am Sri-Lankan and my partner is Vietnamese, I always get involved with their culture, I love to learn about it! I’ve been to Vietnam.
My partner also gets very involved in my culture and our traditions, he’s been to Sri- Lanka many times, absolutely loves it and has even eaten rice and curry with his hands! haha! I also think dating someone of a different race is a great way to learn and expose yourself to different cultures, and the way other people live as well!
What are your dreams and hopes for the future … the moment you can say “I made it?
ahh, such a great question! my biggest goal at the moment would be to reach the highest level in my business, helping 100s of other girls become boss babes and earn an income online, all whilst making a huge positive impact on the health and wealth of so many others!
I think once I’m on that stage receiving my award for reaching that level, I will think that I’ve made it – however, I’m not sure how long that feeling will last for as I will be onto the next goal and seeing what I can achieve next!
My hope is to create an amazing community of 100s of boss babes all taking charge of their life, being truly limitless with their mindset, and creating a life of their wildest desires. My hope is to also be able to travel the world and speak to girls all over, empowering them and showing them what is truly possible with life once you are released from your limiting thoughts and beliefs.
My hope is to spend my days working on my business, inspiring and empowering other women, travelling the world and working from my laptop, giving back and working with my dad’s charity in Sri – Lanka, living in Tokyo for about 6 months! giving back and treating my loved ones, filling my days by doing things that I love and spending time with the people that I love! Of course getting married, having children, and hopefully eventually opening up a few other businesses! including a plant-based restaurant/bar! the list goes on!
How do you balance work life and your passions and interests?
I’ve never been asked that question before! I tend to schedule everything around my part-time job if its important to me then I will make it a priority. I always try and work on my online business for an hour or so a day, I will always prioritise doing things that I love like dancing! and make sure I get in at least 3-4 hours each week! because I know that counts as exercise as well! I used to be quite bad at time management, but I am improving each day, I find that scheduling things into my phone diary and setting reminders really help! blocking out the time to get that task done and putting away my phone.
It’s so easy to get distracted! I find it also really helps with being present in the moment too I tend to just listen to my body and my soul with what it needs for the week and schedule my week in accordance with that!




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