Valentine Barbie Lookbook


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A Barbie to represent every South Asian girl-  coming out in 2019 to make all your dreams come true.




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This is a special Barbie lookbook because it is of my favourite holidays- Valentines Day. The main reason I love Valentine’s Day is because it means that February (my birthday month) the month of love! I  know so many amazing and beautiful women born in the month of February so I think it is very befitting it is known as a month of romance and whimsy.

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This Valentine’s lookbook combines very classic Valentine Day colours- red, white and black. Some may call these colours “safe” especially as neon is really making a comeback this year.

But I think it is important to celebrate classic and timeless looks, which is why I wanted to create a Barbie Lookbook which reflects this.


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Have you seen the scene in Me Before You where Will sees Lou in a red dress and he is absolutely floored- that is a classic example of the red dress. I honestly think a little red dress is just as powerful as the little black dress, which is why I own multiple of them. 




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Also, a red dress can make a much more bolder statement as not all women are confident to rock this look- especially paired with a red lip! In a world of kim kardashians where nudes are queen, many people try to downplay a red dress with a nude lip- which I personally think waters down the look.


So long as you wear the right shade of red lipstick, there is no reason why you cannot pair this with a red dress! A red dress is something you should only wear on a special occasion if you really want to make an impression, so V day is the perfect day to do so!

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On a cold February day when you never know if it is going to snow or shine, it might seem silly to wear a spring dress or what Ashely likes to call “a pinic b**** dress”. But trust me, the  spring dress is romantic, whimsical and dreamy – extra points if it is Gingham or Lace.


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Why should those dresses you have been dying to wear be reserved for those short two summer months. If this is too bare for you just turn to our best friend “Layers”. Pair it up with a cute Moto Biker Jacket and nude tights – you will be good to go!


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Okay, so the last two outfits might seem too dress up and girly for some people. The perfect remedy is some old school jeans and a black lace top.

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This is a comfy but sophisticated look which you can wear on any type of date. If you need that colourful splash then you can always pair it up with a colourful blazer or winter coat.

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To end on a positive quote let me know what you did for Valentine’s Day/ Galentine’s Day in the comments below.

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I think the norm is to hate Valentine’s Day or think Valentine’s Day is overrated but I don’t think you just have to celebrate a romantic love necessarily, it can be any type of love.


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How can that possibly be seen as a bad thing? I think in a world where love or any type of affection is downplayed, discredited and seen as weak then it is important to be on the side of the dreamers!

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The world is full of the jaded and the hopefuls – Why not be hopeful?

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I just think Valentine’s Day is a day to really appreciate the person you love, no matter who it is, and to spend time with them. I don’t think it’s all about fancy presents or whatever. I think it’s about spending that quality time with that special person.

Prince Royce

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  1. himani choudhary says:

    The red dress is my favorite too!


    1. theliyareina says:

      Yes it is beautiful, thaks for commenting

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