Sneaker Barbie Lookbook

Hello dolls!

Once upon a time, lived a princess with an awful lot to do. She had to slay dragons, climb up to towers to save princes and she needed to make the kingdom a safer place for others.

IMG_6113 as Smart Object-1

She was a hero who not only looked ready to slay but was willing to form her looks into weapons.

We have been fed this false narrative that you have to be a woman or a warrior. A tomboy or a girly girl. Because when can girls ever be more than one box?

IMG_6077 as Smart Object-1

IMG_6068 as Smart Object-1

I used to think that sneakers or converse would never go together with a dress. It always made me feel that the look was uncompleted or unfinished, even lazy. But after turning 22, I can see the practical side of wearing sneakers with dresses and how there is an old school charm to it.

IMG_6126 as Smart Object-1

IMG_6122 as Smart Object-1 as Smart Object-1

The look below reminds me of how Miley Cyrus circa 2009 from the Last Song. * You know the film where Liam Hemsworth writes forever on Miley Cyrus’s shoe but we pretend that it is romantic to ruin someone’s shoes with graffiti because he is Liam Hemsworth*

IMG_6087 as Smart Object-1

IMG_6071 as Smart Object-1

IMG_6068 as Smart Object-1
2. The Smock Dress

Another dress which goes perfectly with VANS or Sneakers is the Smock Dress. This beautiful smock dress with the tortoiseshell buttons is a very versatile dress which can be worn in the warmer months. I think it gives that very relaxed beach vibes but in an upscale sought of way.

From one barbie to another here is a few ways of picking a shoe which will match perfectly with your summer dresses :

IMG_6167 as Smart Object-1

  1. You can go with a classic pair of VAN’s like Ravika is wearing. Theses classic shoes around Β£40 – $60 are long lasting and durable. They can be found in the link

2. Another great alternative is the white sneakers. This is a really elegant look which can fit for every pattern and looks simply charming with flowing dresses. No, you can always go for Adidas sneakers but greater cheaper alternatives are these New Look White sneakers which cost Β£25. The only problem is that these trainers are quite chunky so there is a danger of it looking like you grabbed a 12-year-old’s shoe. I preferred to go for New Look’s gold-detailed trainer instead.

IMG_6170 as Smart Object-1

3. A new trend which helps elevate your shoes and your outfits to total fabulousness is the rose gold/ rosy shoes. Primark, H & M and New Look are all currently selling some version of these shoes. The only problem is that it does not match every outfit like white shoes do e.g a navy dress.

IMG_6178 as Smart Object-1

IMG_6176 as Smart Object-1

I know that you can get the Β£4 flat converse shoes from Primark or h & m. But honestly, these shoes are so thin you can literally feel the ground when you walk and are completely defenceless when it rains.

Like one wise woman said you should keep your standards as high as your shoes and I can’t help but agree you need to place some standards in your shoes

IMG_6231 as Smart Object-1

IMG_6226 as Smart Object-1

IMG_6236 as Smart Object-1

And happy birthday to Ravika !Go check out my Instagram page and her one.




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