Summer Bellebarbie Lookbook



Hi Everyone,

Sorry for being absent for so long! As we now are full swing into summer I wanted to bring a few summer trends for us. All of these outfits can currently be found on the Asos website.

(1) Broderie Anglaise

Broderie Anglaise aka English Broderie, has been popular for centuries. Originally popular in the 1800s in children swear, it made a return during the 1950s and is re-emerging because of the British high street. For good reason to – it is classic and flattering style on everyone.

It is also a very practical material to wear as well during the summertime because it is so airy and light. The most popular colour is white and in the form of a pretty little dress.


IMG_6749 as Smart Object-2

IMG_6750 as Smart Object-1

Make sure you pair it off with a nice accessory , right now head scarves and bows are making a huge renaissance. It is a lovely way of giving a girly touch to an outfit.


IMG_6778 as Smart Object-1


If you would like to shop Ravika’s Miss Selfridge Petite broderie dress in white then please click here

(2) Cool Pastel Colours

Of course warm nudes such as the pinks and beiges are great for the winter time but if you want to make a real splash- try a pastel colour. Not only will it look elegant, it will also literally help keep you cool this summer!

So for example, if you feel like that the white broderie dress is an overdone look and you just want to try something different then think about getting some broderie trousers. These look really unique and I think are a great way of elevating your look instead of the normal cotton or jeans pairing.Β  Here Ravika has worn some pretty lilac ones from Asos along with a crop top.

IMG_7165 as Smart Object-9


IMG_7137 as Smart Object-8


If you would like to shop Ravika’s ASOS DESIGN broderie tie waist pretty utility trousers then click here

(3) Neon Colours

It looks like we are going back to the 70s (or the 2000s) with the pop of Neon colours entering our wardrobes once again. While some of us are embracing this new trend after being deprived of colour from the nude Kardashian era- others are not as confident (like me!)

I think a good trick to remember with neon colours is that often the way it looks on us (and in pictures) will often depend on whether we have warm skin undertones or a cool skin undertone.


IMG_6789 as Smart Object-2

IMG_6837 as Smart Object-1


Cool skin tones often find it easier to pull off neon colours such as bright blue or neon green- but that doesn’t mean that warmer skin tones cannot pull off neon too! Try to stick to neon colours which are “sunny”- so orange, yellows, reds, pinks. Because of your warm skin undertone these are more likely to look flattering to you.

And if you still are unsure about neon colours then the best way to incorporate it is through adding an accessory such as a neon jewellery or a handbag with your nude toned clothes instead.Β 


IMG_6829 as Smart Object-1

If you would like to shop Ravika’s ASOS DESIGN button through mini sundress in palm broderie then click here

If you would like to shop a white version of the above dress please click here.

4. Midi Skirts

Another trend which is not going away this summer is frilly or pleated midi skirts. Pleated skirts are very easy to style in many different ways and if you feel like it is too chilly you can always pair it with some bicycling shorts underneath.

Make sure you take that perfect Instagram twirl picture with that dress.Β 

IMG_7008 as Smart Object-1


Remember, if you want to make the outfit a bit more “edgy” you can pair it off with a bomber or moto jacket to help elevate the look. This skirt is even perfect for the winter time if you pair it with a sweater and leggings.

If you are really feeling daring then try to place them with some great combat boots. Midi skirts can now be found in any British high street brand from Zara, H &M, New Look and of course Asos. While the current trend isΒ  metallic or glitter pleated skirts – I would suggest if you want something a bit unique then try a tulle skirt or a broderie one!


IMG_7010 as Smart Object-1


If you would like to shop Ravika’s ASOS DESIGN Petite pleated midi skirt in broderie then please click here

IMG_7023 as Smart Object-1


Thanks for taking the time to look through this look book! I really want to make sure that I create content which is useful for other people to look through and learn from.

So if you have any thoughts or ideas for any new look books that you would like to see, please let me know in the comments below.Β 

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