Top London Instagrammable Spots- Knightsbridge and Belgravia

Hi everyone!

For this summer I have set a personal goal of making sure that any content I put out is informative for the people who are taking the time to read it.


While I have always prided myself of not trying to take photos in the places “everyone ” takes them , I have noticed after being a tourist in Toronto that it is so handy to have a list of nice Instagram spots to take pictures , especially when you do not know how to navigate the city and are limited by the time constraints.


So considering I live near one of the most Instagram worthy cities in the world- London – here is my little guide to Instagram spots in London.


Instead of giving you all the Instagram spots in London , when it would be impossible to travel to all the spots, I have divided this guide according to areas so that you, dear reader can get the maximum from your day from your oyster card/ travel card manner. So this guide is going to start off at Knightsbridge and Belgravia,


The best station to start with is Knightsbridge station. Now there are two exits – Harrods and Harvey Nichols- I suggest that you take the Harvey Nichols side
(1) Elan Cafe



Who hasn’t heard of Elan Café! What many people might not know there is multiple Elan Cafe’s one at Knightsbridge.



A little Instagram meter if you want

  • Accessibility : 10/10 (Literally outside the station.)
  • Photogenic : 8/10 ( It is lovely from the outside. where you can take pictures with the baskets but for the full experience you should go inside and take pictures on the pink unicorns with the flower falls. Don’t think your too old for pink horses, just do it!) Minus two points for the crowd in the background.
  • Price :7/10 If you want to take pictures with the pink unicorns and the interior be prepared to wait in the line and to pay for a cake/dessert. It is not too expensive so if you want to have nice day out with girls then it is a nice experience and probably the best Elan Café to do to.


(2) 14 Trevor Square, Knightsbridge



Some angelic house owner decided to paint their windows pink and their door as well. An absolute must if you go to Knightsbridge and iconic in it’s own right.


  • Accessibility : 9/10 (Less than five minutes from the station and easy to find using google maps
  • Photogenic : 10/10 Lots of different angles you can take photos from, just make sure you keep it as tidy as you found the place- it is someone’s home.
  • Price : Free


(3) Harry’s Dolce Vita


Harry’s Dolce Vita is actually back near Elan Café and it often has seasonal displays. Before this it had a mermaid sea shell display that we unfortunately missed but instead there was a beautiful green display instead .



  • Accessibility 7/10- It was a 7 minute walk from Elan Café and right next to the golden door of the restaurant where people are coming in and out of the restaurant. It might not be obviously unless you look for it.
  • Photogenic : 9/10 I love that they don’t just do pink flowers but actually try to make the displays different
  • Price Free



(4) Elan Café – Belgravia

We stumbled upon our second Elan Café of the day and while this had a lovely Elan floral display and pink bikes , I think the other one is better



  • Accessibility 6/10 – You have to walk a bit to get there maybe about 8 minutes from Harry Dolce Vita.
  • Photogenic 6/10 – Currently under a construction of some sort so distracts from the beauty. This one seems less crowded and the interior is nice but not as elaborate as the other one.
  • Price– Better to eat something here so you get a chance with the displays inside.



(5) Neil’s Flower Couture House



They always have such beautiful flower displays here and it is well worth the trip although it was a bit difficult to find. The floral displays change from time to time but you can always expect a good one.



  • Accessibility – 6.5/10 A little out of the way from the other places and at first we struggled to find it. However, if you find the second Elan Café then it is only 3 minutes away so it is totally fine.
  • Photogenic: 10/10 If I could pick on floral display to visit. It would be this one. So many angles.
  • Price- Free




(6) A little street called Elizabeth Street, aka Blogger Street.


It is a 10 minute walk from Victoria Station, five minutes from Victoria Coach Station and to be honest you can walk there quite easily from Neil Couture Floral Shop which is exactly what we did.


(a) Joanna Wood- I love this white floral display with the bench, it is next level pretty and very unique I think compared the other displays on the street. A signature shot in Belgravia



  • Accessibility – 9/10 -5 minutes away from Victoria Coach Station and you wont miss it.
  • Photogenic : 9/10 Deducting a point because black fire hydrants can ruin a shot.
  • Price- Free


(b) Jo Loves

A rose window display.


  • Accessibility :9/10 -5 minutes away from Victoria Coach Station and you wont miss it.
  • Photogenic : 5/10- compared to the other places it was nothing special so we did not stop to take pictures but it is a good filler photo for a flower themed Instagram if that is what you are into.
  • Price : Free but we got a couple of mean stares from behind the window glass.


(c ) Les Senteurs


A perfume bottle with an explosion of flowers coming out is the best way to describe it.

  • Accessibility : 9/10 -5 minutes away from Victoria Coach Station and you wont miss it.
  • Photogenic 7/10- Ravika pointed out it doesn’t look that different from all the other floral displays but I think if you work a certain angle you can take a beautiful photo here. If you want to give your creative photography skills a try this may be the place.
  • Price- Free


(d) The Thomas Cubitt



A pub with a nice leafy floral display.

  • Accessibility : 9/10 -5 minutes away from Victoria Coach Station and you wont miss it.
  • Photogenic 8/10– the floral display is bright and colourful, giving this beautiful tropical vibe you do not often see in London, which I really enjoyed.
  • Price – Free



(d ) Peggy Porcshen’s Cafe


I have so much mixed feelings about this place- obviously it is a beautiful Instagram spot but I also feel it is quite overdone now- there is another one in Chelsea, which can give you unique pictures. But hey, we all have to be a little basic sometimes don’t we?

  • Accessibility 9.5/10- There is usually a nice circle of a crowd so no, you will not miss it.
  • Photogenic : 9/10 – Again deducting a point of the crowds which means you will have to wait for a picture- I suggest going on a weekday.
  • Price- Free.


(e) Dominque Ansel Bakery


  • Accessibility :9.5/10- It is the first café you will come across when you come out of Victoria Coach Station and walk towards Peggy Porshen’s side.
  • Photogenic : 8.5/10– It has a beautiful purple flower display instead of the usual roses so it is worth a picture here.
  • Price- It is quite small so not sure if you can get away with just taking a picture there if people are already sitting outside.


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