Belleboss Series : Ruchika Karnani


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I hoped that with this series, I would find a way to appreciate the incredible South Asian women of our generation, who are breaking boundaries and paving new paths for themselves. Moreover, I would like you to take a little bit of your time to realize how incredible the women around you are.

Especially if you are a woman! I know that at least one woman’s story in my #BelleBoss series will inspire you to follow your dreams, your vision and most importantly your heart. Even if that means breaking a few rules and many societal prejudices along the way.


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Could you give me a little intro to yourself? 
I’m Ruchika Karnani, a 23-year-old entrepreneur from Caledon, Ontario. Like many other multifaceted millennials, I’ve worked on a number of things since my time in university, but I’ve primarily focused on my work as a makeup artist and event coordinator/wedding planner for the past 5 years, which is what I do fulltime now.

I’ve always been one to do a ton of things at once; even as a young girl, I was in a bunch of extracurriculars, especially ones that were artistic, because I loved being both busy and creative.



I started professionally and competitively dancing at the age of 6 and realized how incredible innovation made me feel, so I started acting, modelling, and singing in my early years as well.
Could you tell us about your experience as a Finalist for Miss Canada?
The pageant was an incredible learning experience because it really taught me how to represent and pitch myself as an individual, which I thought was very important as I had already become comfortable competing as a teammate through dance. In the grander scheme of things, I didn’t care to showcase my personality or talents simply for a competitive standing, but more so to try something that once may have overwhelmed me. As a finalist, I was able to use the platform to increase my confidence and also passionately advocate for mental health awareness, which all made for some incredible memories involving self-love, experimentation, and the importance of risk-taking in life. 

The feeling of being so immersed in my passions at such a young age was indescribable, and that’s when I knew that I always wanted to be someone who followed her passions throughout life, whether they were in line with the norm or beyond it.

 Who inspires you as a person?
My mom is definitely my biggest inspiration because of the amount of love that she puts into anything and everything that she does, and how hard she tries to be the best that she can be every single day. From giving her all at work, to running the household, to making it her mission to make others smile, she radiates with positivity and goodness, and I truly hope to one day be even a fraction of the superwoman that she is.
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Could you tell us more about shopdirtyco?
I started working on @shopdirtyco early last year when I became tired of struggling to find the perfect lashes for my clients and me that were both good quality and affordable.

As I found that most in the market were one or the other, I finally decided to address my problem with my own solution and established dirty co.


The playful brand currently offers 6 unique lash styles to cater to our diverse clientele, while being cruelty-free, sustainable (the lashes can be reused 30+ times with proper care, and their packaging is entirely free of plastic!), and affordable at the same time.
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Wordplay was a big part of constructing the brand and product names to ensure sophisticated lightheartedness, where virtue meets vice.

All of our products are available for purchase at, and I hope to further expand what we offer this year while maintaining the brand’s core values of ethical luxury.
How did you start wedding planning and what are the biggest lessons you have learned over the last few years from it?
While I was working with my cousin’s wedding planner back in 2014, I instantly fell in love with the creative yet systematic process of event coordination and decided to give it a try. I worked as an assistant for some time as I learned the tricks of the trade, and I started leading events as a senior planner early last year.
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Through my experience in the industry, I’ve learned a lot about adapting to different personalities, developing a thick skin, and thinking fast on my feet. As a planner and coordinator, my job is to alleviate stress and organize matters as best as possible for my clients, and over the years, my ability to problem-solve and think organically has really gotten stronger. 

What are your holy grail makeup products and why?

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I always try to play around with different products to find new additions for my kit and I find that 99% of the time, one can make almost any product work, so I’m not too particular with my products.
However, I will say that I always find myself reaching for Bare Minerals’ Powder Foundations to set my makeup and brighten under the eyes because the powders are so lightweight yet full coverage, which is key for cake-free, seamless makeup.Huda Beauty’s Liquid Lipstick in Trendsetter is also another fave because it’s extremely pigmented and long-lasting without being too drying, and I find it to be an extremely flattering everyday nude for almost every skin tone.
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Last but far from least, Revlon’s Liquid Liner in Black is the eyeliner I resort to most because of its long-wearing and super matte formula (it’s perfect to go over lash glue!), its applicator makes it extremely easy to achieve a sharp wing and its super affordable!
What led to you deciding to create your youtube channel and what kind of videos do you make?
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I first created my channel back in 2010 when I wanted to focus more on singing, but quickly realized that I wanted my channel to be more diverse and multifaceted to accurately represent my personality.

I wasn’t posting as consistently as I would’ve liked to, and found myself hitting a creative block quite often. I took a step back from Youtube for some time as I tried to focus more on developing my creative edge, both online and offline and finally revamped my channel once the fall of 2017 rolled around.

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This time, I really wanted to be consistent in posting videos that embodied my interests and truly made me feel passionate to create.

I centre a lot of my content around my interests in psychology and wellness, fashion, beauty, and try to share as much positivity as possible. You can find my videos at “Ruchika Karnani” on Youtube, and I’ve created a series called the Millennial Mindset, which focuses on the “millionaire” mindset that us millennials have to offer, and I also frequently post review videos, lifestyle vlogs, and challenge videos with my boyfriend as well. 
How do you stay on top of all the latest wedding trends?
I’m exposed to a lot of what’s up-and-coming through working with some incredible vendors that are extremely on top of the trends in the industry because of their diverse, international connections.

I’ve also been attending and working at a couple annual wedding shows for the last few years, and that’s generally where I see a lot of what’s to come in the upcoming wedding season.

What books have impacted your life?
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Though I, unfortunately, don’t get around to reading as often as I would like to, Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now is a book that I’ve been working on for some time now and thoroughly enjoying. I really appreciate his message of soaking at the moment and being present in the now; the book goes over a lot of what I already believe in, but it’s extremely powerful to be reinforced through a book as well.
I also really love Idil Ahmed’s work on Instagram which encouraged me to read her book, Manifest Now, because, once again, it goes over my interests in manifestation and optimistic thinking, and I find Ahmed’s work to be extremely empowering and uplifting. 
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What are your hopes and dreams for your future?
Though it might sound vague, I simply aim to fill my future with success. To me, success is not just defined by praise or financial freedom, but also by the emotional and psychological freedom that comes with following your dreams and manifesting them into reality.
I plan to continue setting goals, both personal and professional, and I will keep challenging myself to accomplish them because growth is my biggest motivator in life, and I know that chasing it is what will, ultimately, give me the future I’ve always wanted. 

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