The First Date Lookbook


This is a fun lookbook to celebrate my favourite model 

To be honest- none of these looks or concepts for this lookbook were styled by me  But after looking through these fun headshot pictures we did, I realised these could all be fabulous makeup looks for first dates. So voila! Here we have it: a first date lookbook looking at different ways you can style yourself for

I think how you decide to present yourself that very first time (even if you know the person you are going out with beforehand for a long time) it says a lot about you.  While it will never be more important than the conversation and the vibes, I think it does set some type of tone.

So here are three types of date makeup looks and when it is best to rock these looks.

  1. The Victoria Secret Angel Look

giphy (1).gif

img_3852 as smart object-1

img_3849 as smart object-1

Lipgloss, mascara, light eyeshadow (optional) and FILL OUT those brows. This is a low maintenance look with high payoff. 

This is a flirty and fun look and definitely a go-to for many!

There is a reason this is a timeless look on the Victoria Secret Model runways … it is one which looks youthful and elegant without looking like you put a ton of effort into it. 

I think another reason this is a great look is because it is really practical. It does not matter if your first date is a coffee date, a hike, spontaneous night out to Italy (hey if it happens to Monica Geller, then it can happen to you too!) this is a look which you can rock on all occasions. 

img_3846 as smart object-3

img_3850 as smart object-2

2. The Taylor Swift Blank Space Look

This is not a look for the feint hearted. But it a look which conqueres all


A bold red lip is always a risk for multiple reasons; You need to make sure you apply it carefully and you do not get red marks on your teeth,  it looks horrible if it is not longlasting and starts peeling off and you need to make sure you find the shade which suits you (Just think about all the different shades of MAC red lipsticks!)

But there is no denying that this look is one of the most romantic and confidence- boosting looks to wear when you first go on a date.

img_3993 as smart object-1

img_3990 as smart object-1

It shows you are a girl who is in confident and beautiful, ready to take on the world. I think especially when it is done right, it really draws attention to the lips                             ( Lighting up that imagination, over here!)

Red has always been a colour which reminds people of love and romance, so is always great to try to incorporate a bit of red in your lips
(think of it as the alternative to the red dress when you only want a pop of colour) 

I personally love how the makeup paired yourself with the chandelier earrings. It really makes the look classy and timeless.

img_3995 as smart object-1

img_4031 as smart object-1

img_3966 as smart object-3

3. The Bronzy Goddess Glam Look

Of course, if you want to go all glossy, glowy and glam then this is the makeup look for you.

Smoky brown eyes and glossy pink lipgloss paired with fluttery eyelashes. When you have a good 1 hour prep time and a bomb playlist in the background ( Destiny’s child, Rihanna, Christina A, you know the full works) then I think is a great option to go for. Makeup can offer been a therapeutic experience and it can really place you in the mood for a great time

img_4077 as smart object-1

img_4075 as smart object-1

When is this makeup look great: This makeup look is great for those romantic girls who expect nothing but a proper dinner, wine and a  fun night out on the first date. It will take a bit of time to curl that hair and apply a little bronzy contour, so it is best if you reserve this makeup look for when you have a bit of prep time. 

This is a really dreamy look so make sure you do it right without caking the makeup on and pair it with a dazzling smile to match.

img_4079 as smart object-1

img_404werty7 as smart object-2

One last thing, I know that makeup should primarily be for you to look good, but there is something to be said from the other person’s perspective because it is always a confidence boost when you see that they have made an effort. Especially on the first date. Elle Woods agrees with me!

img_4098 as smart object-1

No matter what you look you choose, remember that in the end, you need to feel yourself and beautiful. If that means if you want to go without makeup then YES GIRL WORK IT! Just make sure you keep it cute, fun and sweet. 


TELL ME .. which look would you rock and what would be your ideal first date? Comment below I would like to know : 

img_3862 as smart object-1




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