Stylenomics Lesson B: The Nudes


After a long time, I am back with Stylenomics Lesson B: Nudes!Β  Hold on, (before you let your imagination ruin wild!) I’m not talking about going naked. While that would make a statement , it definitely would not be a fashion statement. The nudes which I refer to, are nude colours.


No one could deny thatΒ  nude (and taupe colours) lookΒ  flattering on everyone regardless of skin and size! There is actually a simple explanation for this. Colours such as black ,grey and white are neutral colours and therefore our minds are not agitated by the colours. We could call them colours which are simple and easy for our minds to understand. In my humble opinion (ahem ahem) this is probably why guys stick to such colours. Not because they are safe but because they are clear cut and uncomplicated which means guys are naturally attracted to such colours.

the-britlankan-burberry-gayanthi-hapuarachchi-fashion-blogger-srilankaBaby pink, for instance, is something our minds might associate with daintiness and softness. So when we look at a person wearing such a colour and we associate them with those kinds of adjectives.

As for taupe colours, such as army grey and caramel brown these colours are one which is associated with nature. Therefore we would at once feel at peace and calm when we see someone who wears such a colours. Moreover, it compliments many people’s skin tones. Therefore it helps to accentuate our skin colour.


So how to wear nude colours? The best part about nudes and taupes are that they are so versatile and easy to wear. In fact, the best part about them is that you usually should dress very simple and not try to mix and match too much.Otherwise the “vibe” your look kind of disappears. Furthermore, nude colours are something which can be very casual and it can also be very sophisticated!

  1. Casual look: Denim and Nudes

Denim is a very easy and casual look and goes perfectly with nude colours. Just like this nude pink colour top knot up top with denim coat and jeans.


Photo credits toΒ  Madushi Rajapaksha


2.Sophisticated look

Black dress with a watch. Audrey Hepburn with a little bling. I ALWAYS swoon over those all nude outfits where a person wears a certain colour such as white from top to bottom



Photo credits to Madushi Rajapaksha



For some of you girls who think that wearing nude colours is not something which you could pull off, I understand. I used to be a person who would associate nude colours with camouflage.Β  I saw no vibrancy or fun it. But now as I grow older, (still 19 so not too old folks!) I realize that sometimes nude colours really help make me look and feel more like a grown up.



The universality of the tones helps to ensure that it is pleasing to everyone’s eye as opposed to a colour such as pink flamingo which some hate and only some love.

the-britlankan-burberry-gayanthi-hapuarachchi-fashion-blogger-srilanka Well, folks that’s a wrap. I know this may seem like silly advice to some people. But sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics. Clothing is part of our identity and part of our outer reflection to the world. True, it will never truly be able to define a person on the inside. But I truly believe in Jeannie Mai’s theory of werapy that what you wear, particularly the colours, can have an impact on your mood and outlook on the day.

So shouldn’t we try to wear clothes to help uplift our moods and convey positive vibes? I think we should!


Try it out for yourselves! Hope you enjoyed today’s post and let me know what guys think. I hope you guys liked the Article! Oh, and a big thank you to the beautiful Madushi Rajapaksha for the photographs! Your truly a talent πŸ™‚

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